Glycine prevents health risks of age related diseases

October 2, 2021

Glycine prevents health risks of age related diseases

Glycine is one of nonessential amino acids, meaning the human body can produce in addition to food sources. Interestingly glycine is every third or fourth amino acid in connective tissues and it might well happen that our diet has been depleted from glycine due to industrialisation and increase of muscle meat over animal skin and cartilage. Same way our own collagen has less substrate for production increasing subjective feeling of age due to wrinkles and joint pain. And even more glycine is involved in a variety of other biologically sound processes of detoxification and recovery, modern science illustrates glycine importance with rigor.

There are overwhelming reports supporting the role of supplementary glycine in prevention of many diseases and disorders Dietary supplementation of proper dose of glycine is effective in treating metabolic disorders in patients with cardiovascular diseases, several inflammatory diseases, obesity, cancers, and diabetes [1].

Recent screening from ITP analogous to Longevica screening setup has demonstrated lifespan extension of glycine [2]. Elevated glycine led to small (4-6%) but statistically significant increase of lifespan. This finding supports the Longevica hypothesis of the importance of detoxification efficacy in longevity. Glycine supplementation is shown to increase glutathione production which leads to improved toxin clearance. 

Separately glycine is participating in other crucial detoxification reactions in the human body. For example dietary methionine excess toxicity via increase in homocysteine is alleviated by glycine [3], this approach was even hypothesized as life extension strategy in vegan diets [4]. Another example is detoxification of benzoic acid (widely used food preservative) by glycine conjugation, i.e. higher amount of dietary or supplemented glycine directly improves clearance of certain toxins we get from food.

Glycine has been long used as a dietary supplement and is generally considered safe, main short term effects of glycine are improvement of memory and cognition and quality of sleep.


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