The metabolite alpha-ketoglutarate extends lifespan

July 21, 2021

The metabolite alpha-ketoglutarate extends lifespan

Calorie restriction and ageing were proven to connected however the detailed mechanism remains to be elucidated. Several metabolites were identified as potential ageing-modulators and in model organisms one of those metabolites was identified as life extending [1]. Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is intermediate of metabolic cycle was shown to extend worm lifespan to an astonishing 50%. Similar but less pronounced in percentage of life extension results were acquired for fruit flies [2]. In animal models age-related fertility decline was shown to be delayed by AKG [3], finally AKG was put to test in a model of ageing mice [4] where ageing mice were given supplement and have shown distinct life span extension. 

AKG was not tested in screening-1 by Longevica, however mechanisms of metabolism activation and improvement of hormonal status seem to be involved in life extension according to our research. In the upcoming screening-2 Longevica will put the AKG to test in the model of the long lived mice, which much better complies to the longevity research. 

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