Our Purpose

The Longevica team is a diverse group of scientists, innovators, technologists, and creatives on a  shared mission to construct a novel ecosystem model for how longevity scientific research is advanced, discovery accelerated, and access to transformative developments expanded. We are disrupting outmoded, exclusive mindsets and paradigms that impede scientific creativity, collaboration, and progress, and creating a new space where science and humans reside and thrive together.

We're open...

...open to new ideas, fresh approaches, promising technologies, and unexpected collaborations, and are offering our powerful research dataset to the scientific community on our open innovation platform.  We also believe that longevity interventions should be open and accessible to everyone, because if we’re going to “crack the code” to a longer lifespan, then we want to live longer in a world where all humans benefit from scientific discovery.

Meet Our Team

We are a vibrant and diverse global team with a shared vision: to extend lifespan and transform healthy aging for all humans.

Open Positions

Longevica is growing and actively recruiting scientists, engineers, marketers, designers, writers, and more. Don't see an opportunity for you? Interested applicants are encouraged to email careers@longevica.com.