For Researchers

The Longevica scientific team has dedicated 11 years to generating a powerful research dataset on the mechanisms of healthy aging and life extension, including findings from the largest study of 1033 compounds covering the entire spectrum of modern pharmacology. In 2022, we are launching a new large-scale research study to test 300 compounds in the most promising classes found by our team, to be conducted at Jackson Laboratory, a leading biomedical research institution. 

We are also launching an open innovation platform that will allow scientists and research institutions from across the world to test drugs of their choice in full-scale pharmacological screening experiments. Our platform will provide control groups while managing operations and administrative costs, making screening trials more affordable. The entire Longevica dataset will be open for data mining, experimentation, and analysis to researchers on the platform in real time. 

With open innovation, Longevica aims to remove traditional barriers that impede research, and foster collaboration and experiment data collection and analysis with an ecosystem designed to expedite breakthrough discoveries in our field.

For more information on participating, please contact Dr. Dmitry Alexeev, Product Director, at