Healthy Aging Score

Healthy aging score (HAS) is an scientifically and clinically proven solution that evaluates one’s health based on individual’s EMR. Healthy Aging Index developed by Longevica is based on highly researched concept of the electronic frailty index, and have proven to be an critically beneficial product for the senior population, family caregivers, and healthcare providers. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the individual’s aging process unifying data on variety of diseases, functional states, and blood test results.

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80+ Criterias = 1 Score

Our HAS looks at both EMR diagnostic results and functional conditions, such as physical and cognitive; across over 80 elements. The power of HAI utilizing AI technology determines when and what form of intervention is appropriate. We can help make those types of determinations and share our results with your doctor to bring a 360 understanding of your health and treatment required.

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What We Offer

Scientifically and Clinically Proven

Scientifically and Clinically Proven by over 300K Patients

Seamless EMR Integration

Connection with over 10,000 hospitals and health centers across the US and Globally

Simple but Comprehensive

The HAI evaluation is comprehensive but simple to understand about your overall health

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