Health Base - Your Personalized Digital Nurse

The Longevica Health Base is a home health monitoring center that supports you to better adhere to chronic medication treatments and gain easier access to digital health tools to promote healthy aging and daily betterment of living. Caregivers will also gain a peace of mind that their loved ones are improving lifestyle wellness and in stable health.

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Health Care at Home That You Can Trust

Scientifically and Clinical Proven Approach To Prevent Any Unexpected Surprises

Developed and Curated by Industry Top Doctors

Designed by Award Winning Designers with Your Lifestyle In Mind

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What We Offer

Medication Adherence

Leading Pre-Packed Pill Box Dispenser

Mobility Monitoring

AI-Enabled Mobility Program

Wellness Monitoring

Scientifically Proven Wellness Check Through EMR Integrations

Personalized Care Plans

AI-Driven Care Plans Just for You Reviewed by Top Doctors

Never Miss a Pill

We will remind you everytime you need to take your medication and supplements at home or out on vacation.

Our smart dispenser will ensure you get what you need when you need it.

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Be Connected

We will let your family and care team know how you are doing. Take back quality time to spend memorably together.

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Always-On Access to Care

Anytime you need to talk to a health care professional, we are here for you.

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AI-Driven Personalized Care

We work with your provider to provide you with the best personalized health care plan that you can easily follow at the comfort of your own home.

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Privacy Prioritized

Protecting your privacy is our first priority. Our HIPPA and FHIR compliant database ensures global data security compliance. Our device never turns on for health monitoring unless you tell it to.

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