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Longevica aims to transform geriatric healthcare by building an ecosystem that promotes healthy aging through digitalization.

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Longevica is an  an end-to-end solution that utilizes AI to match personalized care plans to eligible users and delivers effective digitalized remote health care to improve treatment outcomes.  Our solution offers flexibility and the ability to customize to meet any health care partners’ needs.


We partner with providers in all shapes and sizes, from cross-regional hospitals, to your local pharmacy.

Geriatric Health Care: Incentivised and customized support plan for your patients and caregivers.

Remote Monitoring: Remote patient wellness monitoring and therapeutic monitoring.

Full Health System Integration: Patient to Provider health data integration to create transparency that promotes better care.

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Remote monitoring solutions is the next frontier to lower costs and increase efficiency for drug development efforts.

Transparent Clinical Patient Selection: Efficiently uncover qualified patients who are prepared and willing to participate.

Remote Treatment Monitoring: Decentralised clinical trials unblocks limitations that historically existed with physical sites.

Real-World Evidence: Gain insights into real world patients' experience on your products.

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Disease Prevention is one of the main pillars of healthcare. We  partner with any organization seeking prevention solutions to ensure the long term well-being of everyday lives.

Insurance Companies: Medication non-adherence poses significant cost for care, our solutions can significant improve the experience of patients while lowering healthcare costs.

Employers: Ensuring the long term health of employees is proven to benefit the satisfaction of the workforce and growth of any organization.

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From our roots of scientific R&D, we seek any collaboration with academia to further uncover the potential of remote healthcare to improve people's everyday lives.

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Pioneering Healthy Aging Transformation.

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