Alexey Ryazanov

Scientific Advisor, Professor of Pharmacology

  • Biochemist and molecular biologist, Alexey discovered alpha-kinases, a class of protein kinases that include elongation factor-2 kinase (eEF2K) and channel-kinasesTRPM6 and TRPM7.
  • Born in the family of a renowned physicist and philosopher George V. Ryazanov and a legendary pilot and World War II hero Vasily G. Ryazanov, being a disciple of Alexander S. Spirin, Alexey has got a fundamental education in biology and a unique gift of experimental design
  • Nowadays, Professor of Pharmacology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, one of the leading researchers in the field of protein synthesis and magnesium.
  • Has 10 U.S. patents and +$20M NIH grants.