The Art of Living Longer...
Is Not to Shorten It

Longevica is currently open to investors for commercial ventures, and to donors for its scientific programs.

How we got here...
Longevica is a science driven company in search of mechanisms of health extension

Longevica Vision Established
Established a vision to slow down aging by postponing and eliminating age-related diseases


Contrarian Approach Developed
To identify the mechanisms of life extension (LE), we decided to undertake an ambitious experiment involving all known pharmacological compounds in mammalian animal models

Largest LE Study in Long Lived Mice Begins
We decided to fund a valid animal study on the largest array of well known human drugs to find LE effect.

- Jackson Laboratory, CA (NCI)
- 20,000 long-lived (LL) mice (female)
- 1033 drugs, drug-like compounds, representing 62 pharmacological classes
- Intervention started in the 5th month
- Largest long lived mouse study

Hugely Successful Experiment Concludes
3.5 year experiment was complete. We identified 60 compounds that significantly extended lifespan (10-20%).
However, we needed to identify the MoA
Two Mechanisms of Life Extension Identified
For the first time, we identified two mechanisms of LE (from 62 tested) proven in long lived female
mice study, and five more mechanisms with borderline statistical effect.
2015 - present
Translating Longevica results into solutions for humans
We continue to study how these mechanisms and compounds have been used in medicine which
helped us build a new paradigm of healthy longevity

Enable public access to knowledge, products and interventions that can significantly improve quality of life, prevent age-related diseases and increase healthspan.

Longevica is a science driven company with a goal to bring the knowledge and gift of healthy life span to billions of people around the world


To Rectangularize The Human Survival Curve

The truth is, only Calorie Restriction and Rapamycin were known to have demonstrated Life Extension (L.E.) effect more than 10% on long lived female mice.

Longevica is proud to change that fact.
Mechanism of Action
Our ROS-105 compound has shown 16 % life extension effect
ROS-105 showed 16 % L.E. effect in female mice. The compound is naturally occurring and completely safe for human consumption.
Rapamycin (2014) extends lifespan by 23% in males and 26% in females (mice were given food since age 9 months)
However it is an immuno-suppressor. As a results it cannot be recommended for life extension.

Two out of 62 classes of compound tested stood out
These two classes of compounds have shown statistically significant mean and maximal life span extension

We have a vibrant team of executives, scientists and experts. We are lucky to have unique access to luminaries who have been there and done that
Alexander Chikunov
Program Originator, Chief Strategist
Sam Chakraborty
Head of Commercializaton Strategy
Operations, M&A, Innovation Expert
Alexey Ryazanov
Chief Scientist
Professor, Rutgers University and MSU, Russia
Eldar Orudzhev
Head of Community & Internet Strategy
Marketing & Sales Expert
Adrian Salic
Scientific Advisory Board
Professor, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Stephan Domenig
Scientific Advisory Board
Author & Fmr Medical Director, Mayr Clinic, Austria