Health Base - Your Personalized Digital Nurse

The Longevica Health Base is a home health monitoring center that supports you to better adhere to chronic medication treatments and gain easier access to digital health tools to promote healthy aging and daily betterment of living. Caregivers will also gain a peace of mind that their loved ones are improving lifestyle wellness and in stable health.

Healthy Aging Score

Healthy aging score (HAS) is an scientifically and clinically proven solution that evaluates one’s health based on individual’s EMR. Healthy Aging Index developed by Longevica is based on highly researched concept of the electronic frailty index, and have proven to be an critically beneficial product for the senior population, family caregivers, and healthcare providers. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the individual’s aging process unifying data on variety of diseases, functional states, and blood test results.

AI-Driven & Personalized Care

With Longevica, we work with your doctor to ensure you get exactly the care you in at home and out of your home. With your comprehensive healthy aging index evaluation, we use our AI enabled algorithm to develop a detailed care plan across all types of care.

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The Longevica team is a diverse group of scientists, innovators, technologists, and creatives on a  shared mission to construct a novel ecosystem model for how longevity scientific research is advanced, discovery accelerated, and access to transformative developments expanded. We are disrupting outmoded, exclusive mindsets and paradigms that impede scientific creativity, collaboration, and progress, and creating a new space where science and humans reside and thrive together.

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