The Science
of Living Longer

Longevica is a life science company researching the mechanisms of healthy aging and life extension. Our mission is to harness objective scientific research, clinical studies, research collaboration, and technology to develop novel, proactive health products accessible to all humans.

We are at the forefront of longevity science, and are conducting one of the largest open innovation experiments in the U.S. with the aim of identifying  clinically-validated therapeutic interventions to facilitate a healthy and productive extension of lifespan.

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long-lived female mice  studied, making it the largest research study of its kind


well-characterized pharmacological compounds are examined in one study


Pharmacological classes tested

11 years

of research, including 3.5 years of  experiments on long-lived female mice

$13 M

invested into the study


life extension effect, the second most effective proven result.



Longevica Mission Defined

Longevica is established by co-founders Dr. Alexey Ryazanov and Alexander Chikunov. Their mission is to build upon Dr. Ryazanov’s groundbreaking scientific discovery and research to slow down aging and eliminate age-related disease.


Contrarian Approach Developed

An ambitious experiment is designed to examine the effects of the most well-characterized pharmacological compounds in mice with the objective to identify life extension mechanisms.


Largest Study in Long-Lived Mice is Launched

Dr. Ryazanov leads an experiment examining the most extensive array of pharmacological compounds ever studied to discover life extension effects.

  • Conducted at the Jackson Laboratory, CA (NCI)
  • 20,000 long-lived female mice 
  • 1,033 well-characterized pharmacological compounds
  • Intervention started in five-month-old mice

Groundbreaking 3.5 Year Experiment Concludes

The 3.5-year experiment concludes with the discovery of five compounds that show a statistically significant life extension effect (16-22%). The finding is the second most effective result of a life extension study, following rapamycin.


Two Classes with Life- Extension Effect Identified

With big data analysis, the Longevica scientific research team identifies two particular classes of compounds - 62 in total - that show a statistically significant correlation with life extension, pointing to the existence of new life extension mechanisms.


Study of Two Identified Classes

Dr. Ryazanov and his team dedicate six years to the examination of the identified compounds, studying action mechanisms and the history of application in human medicine.


Mechanisms Established 

The Longevica scientific research team formulate a valid hypothesis regarding two mechanisms of life extension: the first by activation of the xenobiotics elimination system and the second through the removal of xenobiotics, mostly xenobiotic metals, while simultaneously blocking absorption by the body. Both mechanisms measurably reduce toxin accumulation, resulting in health improvement and life extension.

The core of the Longevica proprietary life extension paradigm is: measurable toxin reduction — >
age-related disease prevention — >
longer, healthier lifespan.


Biotechnology Platform

The discovery of known means to eliminate toxins via the found mechanisms enables Longevica to create a biotechnological platform to provide clinically-proven healthy aging and life-extension products and delivery technologies via supplements and food, drugs, therapeutics, and AgroTech.

More to Come