The Science of Living Longer

Longevica is a life science company researching the mechanisms of healthy aging and life extension. We harness objective scientific research, clinical studies, research collaboration, and technology to develop novel, proactive therapeutic interventions to improve health and quality of life, prevent age-related disease, and facilitate the productive extension of lifespan.

We are launching one of the largest longevity science experiments in the US and an open source, end-to-end platform designed to reduce traditional research barriers, facilitate an open innovation ecosystem model, and support new research.


Our Approach

Maximum lifespan for any species is determined by the rate of aging inherent in its genes and by environmental factors. There are many scientific approaches to understanding and altering the biology of aging, including genomics, cell therapy, and toxin elimination. Longevica’s research is focused on experimental examination of known pharmacological compounds to understand and harness the mechanisms behind their effects on biological damage and aging.

Our research, conducted over 11 years with $13 million in investment, and including the largest study of 1033 compounds covering the entire spectrum of modern pharmacology, discovered a set of compounds that showed a significant life extension effect of 16 to 22 percent. We are commencing a new large-scale research study to test 300 compounds in the most promising classes found by our team, to be conducted at Jackson Laboratory, a leading biomedical research institution.

We are also launching an open innovation platform that will allow scientists and research institutions from across the world to test drugs of their choice in full-scale pharmacological screening experiments. Our platform will provide control groups while managing operations and administrative costs, making screening trials more affordable. The entire Longevica dataset will be open for data mining, experimentation, and analysis to researchers on the platform in real time.

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